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Matt Ellis - Employee TestimonialWhen I first came to AAF I was a 23 year old, single guy looking for a job in sales. I had no managerial skills and the thought of a full blown career wasn’t something I foresaw in my near future. Little did I know in five short years I would become one of the company’s most successful and valuable employee’s for five years running.

I began my career in Fort Smith as a sales person. The close knit family like atmosphere allowed me to grow not only as a professional but as a person as well. My manager at the time understood the importance of customer service and satisfaction. He instilled in me the value of realizing that business growth doesn’t come from a multi million dollar advertising budget but rather, a genuine caring of customer wants and needs.

In only 8 months of being in sales I had the opportunity to move to Rogers, Arkansas to manage my own lot. Never having managed before I knew two things to be true, treat my customers as though each one was of the highest importance and teach my employee’s as I had been taught. Doing those two simple steps open the flood gates of opportunity.

After one year in Roger’s I was approached about opening a new lot in the river valley.  Without hesitation I jumped at the chance to come back home and take on the challenge of starting a new location. This was where everything seemed to fall into place for me. The new store was wildly successful, more so than anyone expected but it was the place where I really came into my own as a manager.

I’ve had the opportunity to train employee’s from here that have since moved on to management positions themselves. Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better I get The opportunity to run AAF’s Fort Smith, “SUPER STORE OF THE RIVER VALLEY”.

So that’s my story. A young kid with no experience, just looking for a job, found an amazing career.

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